Disallow unused disable directives (no-unused-disable)

Rules can be disabled using directives such as <!-- [html-validate-disable-next my-rule] -->. This rules disallows unneccesary disabled rules, i.e. rules that would not have generated any error even if enabled.

This is usually a case of refactoring or changing environment.

Rule details

Examples of incorrect code for this rule:

<!-- [html-validate-disable-next attribute-allowed-values -- no error, disable is invalid] -->
<button type="submit"></button>
error: "attribute-allowed-values" rule is disabled but no error was reported (no-unused-disable) at inline:1:34:
> 1 | <!-- [html-validate-disable-next attribute-allowed-values -- no error, disable is invalid] -->
    |                                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2 | <button type="submit"></button>

1 error found.

Examples of correct code for this rule:

<!-- disable removed, no error -->
<button type="submit"></button>

<!-- [html-validate-disable-next attribute-allowed-values -- element has error, disable is valid] -->
<button type="foobar"></button>

This rule can also disable itself:

<!-- [html-validate-disable-next attribute-allowed-values, no-unused-disable -- no error as no-unused-disable is also disabled] -->
<button type="submit"></button>

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